Friday, October 15, 2010 I haven't been keeping up my blog. Maybe someday I'll do that. LOL!!!

I am so jazzed though!!! Last night at our local quilt meeting, the husband of one of our members taught us to use those round 'knitting' looms. IT IS SOOOO COOL!!! Now...we made little teeny hats...think newborn, maybe even preemie...but a great place to start! I got one hat done last night...I felt so proud. LOL!!! Then tonight, one of my DQF's, Carol, and I decided to try to make another one. Took about 2 hours (last night probably 2.5-3), but made a little one in pink. These are just too cute!!! I can see lots of these for the local NICU or similar in the future. Especially since the weather is turning cooler!!!

Joann and Betty came over to the quilt house today to work on projects. Betty was cutting out an Easy Peasy, but made a miscut (she was taking some heavy duty antihistimes), so she pretty much put her stuff aside for the day. Joann and I were laying out her 3rd quilt, trying to get a good pattern. First, we tried random, but didn't like it, so did a diagonal type really looks good. She got 2 rows sewn, and has some sashing to do on the other 3 rows/blocks to go. Another day or two and she'll have another quilt top. Her 2nd one is at the quilter now...

I also made a complete quilt top today (a baby gift for a friend in CO), and another that just needs the borders. Now...the 1st top was completely cut out (well, except for the sashing), but it went together like 'buttah'...I was so pumped! Then, I took out some blocks I had sewn at Carol's the other night, laid them out, sewed them into rows and then a top. It needs 2 borders, then naming, label and off to the quilter. I already have the backing. No pics yet as they are gifts...

I have to just feels so good to get back into the groove of sewing/quilting/crafting again. I know I'll still have some bad days, and some days my mind 'scatters' easily, but when I get on a roll like today, it's a good thing!!! I just might get some things done in time for the holidays!!!

Sunday, will sew again...making a challenge block that must be mailed by Monday. I'll finish the borders on the 2nd quilt from today, and tet it ready for the quilter. I have one more that HAS to be done 'yesterday'...I have the fabric, but was having a hard time thinking of a pattern. DQF Carol suggested a Sudoku (that puzzle game) quilt...found one online, and I think it's perfect!!! Hope so, anyway...I'll cut it out on Sunday...hope to get part of it sewn too.

When I'm on a roll...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is my friend, Brenda. On Saturday, 9-11-10, we went to Billy Bob's, Texas to see Kellie Pickler in concert. Here Brenda is, next to the KSCS van...the radio station where she won the tickets.
KSCS had a contest...they asked for people to send in nominations of 'first responders' to attend a 'sound check' party with Kellie, and then attend the concert later that night. So...I sent in a nomination for Brenda. She is a volunteer at Denton County Emergency Management...yet she puts in at least 40 hours each week...all without a paycheck. She is probably more dedicated than some that receive paychecks.
Truly...I had forgotten that I'd done that...then, got a call on Wednesday that she was one of the winners!!! Woo hoo!!! We had a great time, Kellie is a real sweetheart, found a cute Italian place for dinner, then back for the concert at 1030pm. Thanks, Brenda, for letting me go with you!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well, as my DQF, Debi, pointed out, it's been a year since I have posted anything... So, Debi, here's a posting. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Much has happened in the past year +, and this last week was incredibly difficult. I'll update more here when I can do a few days.

C-ya Friday at Uncle Julio's...woo hoo!!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

This coming weekend, a few of us from the DFW Quilt Gang are having a mini-retreat. I can hardly wait to see the gals for a couple days of fun, laughter, sewing, eating, sewing, laughter, sewing. :>)

I'm gonna try to cut out a bunch of blocks for a D9P on Thursday, so it'll be ready to sew. We'll see. I'm still deciding if that is what I want to do on that project. I have a couple others I could bring, so may even take 2 or 3...give me some variety in case I get 'stuck' or just get bored. Naw...that NEVER happens! LOL!!!

I will bring my camera, as I'm sure others will do. Will try to take some pics of what we are working on, etc. It takes me a bit to post them, so don't hold your breath!!! LOL!!! I'll try to get them online sometime by the end of next week!

My local quilt group here in Ponder is going well...the raffle quilt we made for the park board to raffle raised $411 in about 10 days...not too bad. And, the best thing of all (as far as I'm concerned) is that I WON IT!!! No...I didn't have them draw someone else's name...I love that quilt and worked hard on really proud of our group and what we did. Woo hoo!!!

Enough of this HEAT!!! It's 11:19pm and 87...yuck!

Y'all have a great week!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

On Saturday, the DFW Quilt gang (well, 4 of us) met in McKinney for a mini (2) shop hop and lunch for Brenda's birthday. Here's a picture of us in front of Happiness is Quilting in old town, McKinney.

In the picture are Debi, Brenda, Jan, and myself...

Debi and Jan had some PL quilts to drop off there. 3 bags full!!! It's a cute, small shop. Debi, Brenda and I had already been to Quilt Asylum, and then Brenda and I went to Linda's Quilt Shop in Denton on the way home. :>)

A fun day for sure! We missed Marje and Shelly...hopefully they'll make it to our next adventure.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I just wanted to wish all the moms, aunts, grandmas, sisters, daughters, etc etc lots of good wishes!

Have a wonderful Mother's day!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy birthday, Kim!!!

Today is my Goddaughter, Kim's, birthday! That is a picture of Kim, DH Drew, and son Aiden! Aren't they a great looking family? I think so!!!
Love you, Kimi!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!